Getting Started on RealAccess

Data empowers. Monitor, analyze and optimize your video collaboration solution with RealAccess Service Delivery Platform, a revolutionary approach from Polycom that enables us to share the video collaboration journey with you, our customers and partners, to help drive success.

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Step 1 Getting ready for onboarding with RealAccess

Polycom RealAccess requires the following solutions:

  • A Polycom RealPresence Platform including, DMA and Resource Manager or Polycom RealPresence One
  • A Virtual Machine for the RealAccess agent to be installed in your network

You'll also need access to the following teams:

  • IT support to install a VM in your network
  • Secutiry/Network team to open specific firewall ports, if needed

Step 2 Connecting your Polycom RealPresence Platform to RealAccess

The Onboarding process will guide you, step by step on how to connect your Polycom RealPresence Platform to the RealAccess platform

  • Request access to RealAccess by filling out the RealAccess Onboarding Form
  • Enter Agent Information and Request Agent Creation (VMware, HyperV, Xen or KVM)
  • Download and Spin up the Agent VM in your network
  • Check the Connection and begin enjoying the service

How does RealAccess work?

The RealAccess Agent will set up an OpenVPN/SSH Encrypted Tunnel between the RealAccess platform and your Polycom Infrastructure.

Once the connection is established, signaling information can be exchanged securely to instantaneously deliver powerful services such as:

  • Asset Management
  • Analytics

Step 3 Learning more about RealAccess

  • To verify that you have the necessary hardware, software and environment requirements to deploy RealAccess : Click here
  • To Request access to the RealAccess platform: Click here to fill the onboarding form
  • To Create and Install your RealAccess agent: Click here for instructions
  • To Check your Connection to RealAccess and begin enjoying the service: Click here